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President / Vice President

Proven performer with leadership experience in OEM executive management and commercial lending. Direct experience in all U.S. markets which allows for a turn-key solution. This includes customer relationships, many industry contacts, talent recruitment along with P&L leadership experience. The ability to build a culture that powers business strategy while quickly producing positive results. A coaching, inclusive leadership style that drives results while building a positive team approach.

Core Competencies

 Executive Team Management • Strategic Leadership • Budgeting • Operational Review Improvement • P&L Responsibility

Market Customer Focus • Organizational Planning • Fiscal Management • Innovative Thinking • Fostering Relationships




VP Marketing/Business Development Professional

A marketing and creative professional with experience developing campaigns and initiatives to enhance competitive product positioning. Currently a principal owner of an advisory company which works closely with professionals within both the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries to help guide manufacturers and vet out their existing product development processes. Company can assist manufacturers with supplying their clients with superior finished product with the introduction of GMP, organic, all natural nutraceutical blends. Our team of experts can customize nutraceutical blends to achieve specific results, increase absorption, and greater efficacy.

This professional seeks to leverage advertising and marketing expertise to realize a position that encompasses both a creative as well as strategic roll.

• Ability to think outside the box, assert new and creative ideas to achieve maximum revenue growth. All the while staying cognitive of the corporate big picture and maintaining optimal operational control.

• Responsible with the launch of an $8.7M propagation and extraction facility, as well as national distribution of whole hemp products and ingredients within the commercial
hemp, natural foods, pharmaceutical and LOHAS industries.

• Held budget responsibility of up to $5.5M with four direct reports and oversight of up to ten professional staff.

• Delivered engineering solutions to complex problems for clients including but not limited to SanSal Enterprises, Charles Schwab (Pixar Animation Studios, Universal Studios and Williams-Sonoma), Dow Chemical and Karcher North America.

• Outbound recognition within the hemp and LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) industry reached within 3 months generating interest of over $5.2M in sales.

• Strategic development and coordination of a 3.2M national DRTV campaign. A culmination of six months of planning and production with R2C Group to launch nationwide DRTV campaign


Director of Training

Over fifteen years experience in leadership and organizational development and human resources collaborating with employees and managers in assessing organizational needs, developing leadership and employee talent; coordinating events, developing and delivering online and class room curriculum, implementing individual and organizational development and employee relations solutions as an analysis, coach, consultant, instructional designer, project lead (manager), and facilitator.

Four years consulting experience in human resources recruitment, selection, testing, background investigations, new employee integration or on-boarding, appeals and legal review.

Over three years in independent practice in organizational development consulting.

Six years as a full time tenured track university professor, and five years as a part-time instructor in sociology and behavioral sciences, family, childhood, psychology, research methods, and communications.


Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), Sociology.

Masters of Arts (MA), Sociology.

Bachelors of Arts (BA), Sociology, minor in Psychology.

Financal Executive

Professional is a quadrilingual, hands-on finance executive skilled in accounting and business reporting, operations analysis, with experience in leading high performing finance teams. Championed multiple high-profile projects and collaboratively lead teams to exceed business goals. Recognized for building successful, beneficial relationships and generating increased profits.  

Areas of expertise:

  •  FP&A Leadership, Accounting Management, GAAP, SOX, and SEC Reporting
  •   Accounting Leadership, Finance Analysis, Operations & Business Reporting
  •  Senior Leadership in Financial Planning & Analysis for Publicly Traded Companies
  •  Cash Flow Analysis, Reporting, and Business Modeling
  • Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Performance Metrics, MD&A Reporting
  • Capital Planning, Forecasting, Risk Management & Investor Relations
  •  Growth Strategies, Dash Board Reporting & Performance Improvement
  • Business Intelligence Software, ERP Implementation



Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance,


Applied Economics (BSc) and Business (BA)

Paris, France


Professional is a trilingual VP, EVP, Partner and Business Director specializing in agricultural sciences and cannabis. Professional is currently finishing research to present to the Argentinian government to pave the way for legalization in Argentina.


PhD in Agricultural Sciences

Master in Agribusiness (MBA Agribusiness)

Bachelors in Agri-food Business Management 




  • Colorado Native, small business owner
  • Networker, Blogger and relationship builder.
  • As a K-12 Educator and leader, professional has specialized in leadership development, project management, community outreach, public relations, advocacy, and policy reform.
  • Haa an intuitive eye for new trends, innovative business strategy, creating strong corporate culture and social infrastructure for effective business/social growth. 
  • has a developed a reputation as a thought leader in modern business and leadership practice.
  • A trailblazer in creating focused, value driven missions & visions.
  • An inspirational speaker, using a story-telling approach of his personal journey to encourage and challenge status quo thinking models.
  • Strong proponent for using generated Cannabis tax revenue for funding schools and education.
  • Has the passion for educating the public and business sectors in legislation, public outreach strategies and proactively cultivating a culture of acceptance and understanding.
  • Has a strong personal drive and a willingness to be transparent and persistent. 
  • Thought leadership is about doing -- making change happen in the world

Personal Quote:

“I believe we must be committed to nurturing a movement focused on deep, systemic change within the overall culture of WE. In whatever passions we hold in life, we must create a synergistic culture of service, education and fact, with the ultimate goal being the promotion of public awareness, acceptance and understanding.”




Retail Store Manager/ Sales Manager

  • Customer Focused with extensive experience driving impactful sales and business initiatives resulting in substantial revenue and profitability gains
  • Proven Team Building Experience resulting in Verifiable increased revenue
  • 30 Plus years of Retail/Business Management experience managing revenues from $30k monthly to $800k monthly with staffs of 5-300 employees-Degreed Professional with a B.S in Technical Management
  • Currently enrolled in Cannabis Training University-Master Certification Program
  • Business andCannabis Industry minded to achieve above average results

           Personal Quote:
          “Consistent fulfillment of a promise is the mark of a true professional"




Project Lead Engineer

Experienced Project Lead Engineer with a record of elegant, innovative solutions to complex problems, seeking to drive the operations and management of retail products. Led conceptualization and design of Assistive devices. Managed Multi-disciplinary teams, Colorado area, Set technical and IP objectives.

→Research Lead: Concept to Evaluation →Performed hardware analysis: FEA, DFM, FMEA and analytical calculations →Performed field evaluations and Design Optimization

Coordinated Production, Manufacturing, assembly and packaging with local suppliers. Managed (6 member team of) engineers, and technicians. Led all phases of design, from conceptualization thru verification and validation to Commercialization. Coordinated OEM, integrated Additive Manufacturing within assembly line and FDA Class I approvals. Contributed to strategic spin-off to prosthetics branding.

Research Mechanical Engineer: Developed Active User arm Prostheses →Performed FEA, DFM, FMEA and analytical calculations. →Mentored Junior Engineers →Designed Metal-Plastic Assemblies and Test fixtures Thermoformed, Injection Molded, Additive Manufactured Waterjet cut, Bent metal, Machined, Power Coating


M.S. Mechanical Engineering

M.Phil. Mechanical Engineering

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering 


Security & Surveillance

Loss Prevention

 Professional has 32 years of asset protection and loss prevention management experience. As an Organizational Loss Prevention Manager, professional was responsible for investigations and security for over 53 sites. Managed a budget of $255,000.00 and recovered $155,000 in lost assets. Professional is dependable, customer focused, and specializes in team building.

Personal Quote:
“Life moves pretty fast; If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” 


B.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminology



Cultivation Manager/Director

A developmental plant biologist, with formal training in plant physiology, genetics, breeding, biochemistry and molecular biology. Professional has been working in plant biology research since 2004, and have 10+ years of teaching, training, budget and lab management experience. Professional is naturally detail oriented and trained to maintain meticulous records, effectively evaluate research programs, analyze and report results. Professional has experience effectively managing multiple large-scale, complex projects and a team of 11 graduate and undergraduate students in a fast-paced, high-energy, high-stress environment. Professional streamlined all planning, documentation and lab procedures to safely maximize time, resources and personnel. As a scientist, professional was trained to develop the expertise needed to consistently evaluate initiatives, anticipate potential issues and work collaboratively toward solutions. As a leader and mentor, this elite professional values the unique ideas and strengths that come out of working with a diverse group of people.


PhD, Biological Sciences

BS, Environmental and Plant Biology





GRND Solutions is at the forefront of the industry and advocacy.
They provide top notch professionalism and insight.
— Private Client, Colorado

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